• Do you want to make water tanks?

    You have come to the right place.

    We have everything you need.


    Raw materials. Machines. Moulds. Training. Systems.

  • Water Tank Manufacturing - A Business in a Box

    Everything you need to make water tanks from one supplier

    Plastic Powders & More

    Quality materials for quality products

    We supply the full package of raw materials you need to make tanks - colour powders, plastic tank fittings, mould release agent - you name it, we got it. Of course, you can also make lots of other products with our roto powders.


    Our team has been delivering quality rotational moulding materials all over Africa for more than 19 years.

    Tank Production Machines

    Designed for African conditions

    Our machines need zero infrastructure and can be installed anywhere - even in the most remote of places. They are reliable and durable and they make reliable, durable tanks. Every time - all the time.


    No electrical connections or any other infrastructure is required for our machines. You need space, a level surface... and nothing else.

    Tank Moulds

    Different shapes and sizes

    We make the moulds for the various shapes and sizes of water tanks - from 210 litres up to 5,000 litres.


    Other products that you can make with our tank machines include:

    - Road barriers

    - Large garbage bins

    - Toilet huts

    - Septic tanks

    - Cattle troughs

    - and a lot more

  • Your business is our business

    When you sell more tanks, we sell more material

    Support & Training

    We are a one-stop shop for all your questions and if you happen to run into some issues, we can easily help you get back up and running again. Your business is important to us - we only sell material if you sell tanks.

    Cloud Business System

    We can setup a cloud-based tool for you to manage your entire business from your phone or laptop, including order management, stock control and invoicing.

  • Project Showcase - Gorilla Tanks

    Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

    A blank slate.

    November 2020

    Our client found this empty piece of land In Kinshasa, quite close to the airport and in a new area that is developing quickly.

    A new beginning.

    December 2020

    The factory took only 2 weeks to build even though there are no electrical or water connections on site.

    You beauty!

    January 2021

    The client started production in January 2021 and is continuing from strength to strength, bringing water tanks to the market cost-effectively.

    Gorilla Tanks

    Making us proud.

    The team at Gorilla Tanks worked closely with us to establish a presence in the DRC - we provide them with technical and business support and we look forward to the next steps, which could be new products or even more machines.

  • The Fenix Team

    This management team has 80 years of combined experience in the tank industry - all of it working together

    William Makupe


    Our technical mastermind - he does everything from maintenance to building machines & moulds.

    19 years in the tank and material supply industry has taught him a thing. Or two. Or even three. Definitely at least three.

    Samuel Liau

    A Wise Man.

    Wiseman is our factory manager - he is responsible for all production, quality control and HR management. Definitely the nicest guy in the office. Maybe even the world. 19 years in the tank and material supply industry.

    Steven Steyl


    Every team needs an allrounder - tank sales, machine design, material sales, logistics, tech support and basically anything that needs to be done yesterday - Steven is our man. 4 years in the tank industry has given him some gray hairs but also some good memories.

    Ben Msiza


    This man is a jack-of-all-trades: he recycles plastics, he makes water tanks, he fixes cars and he has a very rare quality: an entrepreneurial spirit. Ben has managed to start and run several projects successfully - in remote locations and with minimal support. 19 years in the tank and material supply industry.

    Werner du Toit

    Boss Visitor.

    Our favourite visitor - Werner focuses on strategy, R&D, marketing and new projects. This means that he is out of the office more often than not - the team suspects that he spends every day playing golf or surfing but this is not true. Definitely not every day.

    19 years in the tank industry.

    The Operators

    Legends of Fenix.

    Without these guys, nothing would get done. They work day and night to make your powders, your machines and your molds - 24/7 except for a few days over Christmas when they reluctantly stay at home. This is our family - we spend more time with each other than even our close family and friends.